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  • CE
  • RoHS
  • 24 V DC
  • Stopień ochrony IP20
  • Klasa energetyczna A+
  • Klasa ochronności III
  • Do użytku wewnętrznego
  • RAL


A desk lamp in RETRO style, at order, combining our lamps with design of your interior using a single stylistic line. NULAMP LED energy saving lamp. Unbeatable product, combining the highest quality of OSRAM DURIS E5 diodes, 3 years guarantee and attractive price.


NULAMP B ASH – LED lamp in RETRO style, coherent with interior and furniture design.

LED lamps individually ordered by a customer. The choice of colour, material, or to special order additionally: size and the light source of a desk lamp lamp depends on customer preference. Possibility to choose a lamp base paint colour or exotic wood.

The wooden bodies of lamps are made from carefully selected material. Each of them has unique wood patern, individual arrangement of grain and varied colors.

Each lamp is handmade to order, with the utmost precision and care. The lamp is fitted with touch control function – ON / OFF and lighting up and down.


  • Lamp: double anodized aluminium – grey, can be painted in any colour from the NCS scale. 
  • Body: 15cm x 15cm – lacquered MDF, 16cm x 16cm – wood.
  • Optional transparent blend (glass efficiency 95%), or opal glass (glass transparency 70%): Makrolon®, of Bayer Polymers, full certification.
  • Highest quality LED OSRAM DURIS E5 diodes.
  • Control: Dali, 1-10V, KNX, Fibaro.
  • Luminaires design enables easy maintenance and replacement of light sources.
  • Lamps with a light source were produced in the European Union.
  • Possibility to modify a set of lamps for specific customer expectations (size, colour housing, light colour, type of light source: RGB, RGBW, active white) – UDESIGN custom.
3 Year warranty Length [cm] Power [W] Luminous flux [lm] Colour temperature [K] CRI [Ra]
NULAMPBASH 40-8.3-3000 40 8,3 790 3000 >80
NULAMPBASH 40-8.3-4000 40 8,3 880 4000 >80
NULAMPBASH 40-8.3-5000 40 8,3 900 5000 >85


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