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  • CE
  • RoHS
  • 24 V DC
  • Stopień ochrony IP20
  • Klasa energetyczna A+
  • Klasa ochronności III
  • Do użytku wewnętrznego
  • RAL


A desk lamp at order, combining our lamps with design of your interior using a single stylistic line. NULAMP LED energy saving lamp. Unbeatable product, combining the highest quality of OSRAM DURIS E5 diodes, 3 years guarantee and attractive price.



NULAMP DESK LAMP – LED lamp coherent with interior and furniture design.

UDESIGN custom – LED lamps individually ordered by a customer. The choice of colour, material, or to special order additionally: size and the light source of a DESK UDESIGN lamp depends on customer preference. Possibility to choose a lamp base paint colour or exotic wood.

Each desk lamp is handmade to order, with the utmost precision and care. The lamp is fitted with touch control function – ON / OFF and lighting up and down.

  • Lamp: double anodized aluminium – grey, can be painted in any colour from the NCS scale. 
  • Body: 15cm x 15cm – lacquered MDF, 16cm x 16cm – wood.
  • Optional transparent blend (glass efficiency 95%), or opal glass (glass transparency 70%): Makrolon®, of Bayer Polymers, full certification.
  • Highest quality LED OSRAM DURIS E5 diodes.
  • Control: Dali, 1-10V, KNX, Fibaro.
  • Luminaires design enables easy maintenance and replacement of light sources.
  • Lamps with a light source were produced in the European Union.
  • Possibility to modify a set of lamps for specific customer expectations (size, colour housing, light colour, type of light source: RGB, RGBW, active white) – UDESIGN custom.


3 Year warranty Length [cm] Power [W] Luminous flux [lm] Colour temperature [K] CRI [Ra]
NULAMPBWHITE 40-8.3-3000 40 8,3 790 3000 >80
NULAMPBWHITE 40-8.3-4000 40 8,3 880 4000 >80
NULAMPBWHITE 40-8.3-5000 40 8,3 900 5000 >85


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